Channel Partners Conference & Expo Award Winners Announced

CHANNEL PARTNERS — Channel Partners Thursday announced four Best in Show, three Channel Maker and seven Channel Partners Choice Award winners. The awards presentation took place at The Channel Partners Studio in the expo hall at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas.
Best in Show winners are selected by Channel Partners Conference & Expo attendees along with a panel of editors. Show-goers were able to vote for their favorites in four categories by way of a mobile app, online or by stopping at the Channel Partners booth [...].

The Channel Partners Choice Award winners were:

Broadvoice (nominated by Sandler Partners)
CenturyLink (nominated by Lightstream)
Datto (nominated by Anchor Network Solutions, IT Partners and ThinkGard)
Harmony PSA (nominated by acmeo GmbH)
Intermedia (nominated by Northwest Cloud Consulting)
Mist Systems (nominated by World Wide Technology)
Star2Star Communications (nominated by SouthTech)

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